Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blackletter Calligraphy?

I decided to put the Copic Wide calligraphy markers I got to good use for my Type as Art class tonight. The assignment is to create a piece that reflected something about our heritage. It was left very open, we could be more personal, or go farther back our family tree if we chose to.

I decided to sort of go both directions. With a very German name like Schweitzer (my mothers name being Schrift, also very German), I decided to do some German blackletter calligraphy with my shinny new markers, use it as a light resist, then screen print it to reflect my more personal heritage (my father being co-owner of Unlimited Screen Printing in Birdsboro, PA since my early childhood).

I'll try to post a high quality photo of the final product when it's complete, so check back soon!

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